About Us

Who We Are

Since 1963 Derbyshire Baptist Church has been a family of faith in the West End of Richmond, VA and a beacon of hope for our community, our state, and our world. Derbyshire's theology and approach to community are grounded in the traditional Baptist distinctives. We affirm that all people, women and men, are called by God to minister and to serve. Although we are proud of our Baptist roots, we affirm and celebrate the whole, ecumenical Body of Christ. We find our primary calling and mission as members of the Christian Church in actively being the presence of Christ lived out through the Koinonia Spirit - the union of the faithful with Christ and among themselves.

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Our Mission and Vision

As members of the Body of Christ we are called to follow the example of Jesus in all that we do. We are to serve the Kingdom of God here on earth - loving God and loving our neighbors. This is our heritage and our mission. This is what matters most in our life and work as a community of Christian faith.

Our Local and Global Partners

Derbyshire Baptist Church seeks to live out the Koinonia Spirit within our congregation, in our local community, our state, our country, and our world. Derbyshire partners with various organizations and ministries to serve authentically and faithfully in the Kingdom of God.